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MC Cleaning Solutions offers a professional, discreet and reliable cleaning service. Our response is efficient and respectful to each client’s individual and sensitive situation.

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Carpet Cleaning

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Trauma Cleaning Services

MC Cleaning Solutions offers a professional, discreet and reliable trauma cleaning service. Our response is efficient and respectful to each client’s individual and sensitive situation.

Crime Scene Cleaning

MC Cleaning Solutions responds quickly and efficiently to these highly emotional trauma cleaning scenes. We eliminate any potential health hazards. Trauma scenes are governed by numerous strict guidelines and legislation to which we adhere. Our professionals attend with full equipment, cleaning solutions and PPE required.

After Death Cleaning

Deaths are difficult and delicate situations. Cleaning after death is not a simple case of removing a body. Body fluids and human waste present potential biohazard risks not just in the immediate scenes but they have the potential to soak into porous surfaces and materials. These may even need to be removed to ensure the scene is decontaminated.

After death cleaning can involve blood and bodily fluid cleaning and sanitisation.

Suicides present a wide array of issues that factor into the trauma cleaning required. Suicides can be especially sensitive times and we understand that family members may be close to the scene.

Murders can be extremely unique and again present a wide variety of individual issues in for the trauma cleaning solutions.

Sanitisation & Odour Removal

Trained by the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners (NACSC) our Sanitisation team will quickly and efficiently sanitise your property to ensure a safe environment for your staff and customers.

Our odour removal service will remove persistent odours including, tobacco, urine, smoke, damp, human waste, pets and mould.

The Sanitisation and deodourising service is available for practically any type of property from Nurseries to Care Homes, from Police Cars to Taxis, from B&B’s to Hotels.

Blood & Body Fluid Cleaning

Trained by the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners (NACSC) our teams of highly trained bodily fluid cleanup experts will quickly carry out a body fluid and blood clean-up in a variety of locations and situations, including suicides and squat cleaning.

We provide specialist cleaning services that revolve around blood cleanup and various forms of trauma. After a major incident, there has to be a safe and sanitised cleansing of the location. This is where we come in; we offer a sensitive, empathetic cleaning experience.

Hoarder / Squat Cleaning

Hoarders may, for a variety of reasons, amas incredible amounts of items. These may be personal items of simply the retention and collections of rubbish. Some hoarders are even known to collect bio-waste such as nail clippings and hair trimmings. MC Cleaning Solutions will return a property to a clean, safe and hygienic state.

Squatter clearance may feature similarities to hoarder scenes. Squatters may amass large amounts of items, and may not have any significant respect for the property itself.

MC Cleaning Solutions complete full sanitisation and clearance of properties to allow you to retake possession of the property.

Needle/Sharps Collection

At MC Cleaning Solutions we provide a complete sanitation service to decontaminate properties. It is important to be mindful that disposing of needles and drug related paraphernalia in public waste bins or household waste can present extreme risks to human life. MC Cleaning Solutions respond immediately and with care to ensure the safe and legal disposal of drug related litter. Sharps present an extreme risk of highly infectious blood borne pathogens.
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Carpet Cleaning Services

MC Cleaning Solutions will complete a full carpet clean and dry and are able to remove a wide variety of stains and to return life and vibrance to your carpet. We will complete a professional carpet clean using a low moisture system with natural drying times of approx 2 hours.
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Leather Cleaning & Protection Services

There is an amazing array of leather cleaning and protection services possible, from crack filling to colour rejuvenation.